Meet Our Management Team

Guided by a wealth of industry experience, our management team propels our wealth managers deliver value for our clients and chart a course towards a successful career with us.

Founder | Principal Consultant

Alvin Cher

"What we do in life echoes through our legacy."

Alvin is a seasoned veteran with an impressive track record of over 20 years in the field of wealth management. With a wealth of experience and expertise, he has established himself as a respected figure in the industry.

As an inspirational leader, Alvin takes pride in nurturing and mentoring aspiring practitioners, empowering them to build successful careers in the financial sector. With over a decade of valuable banking experience, he has honed his skills in diverse areas such as Investments, Insurance, Estate Planning, and Risk Management.

Alvin's unwavering passion lies in developing individuals to excel in the wealth management industry. He firmly believes that true leadership lies in creating more leaders, rather than followers.

Driven by his genuine desire to make a difference, Alvin strives to be the catalyst that ignites the fire of passion within his team. His ultimate goal is to guide them towards holistic growth and help them carve out fulfilling and rewarding careers in the dynamic realm of wealth management.

Achievements and Accolades
• MFA Branch of the Year 2022 - 1st Runner-Up
• MFA New Branch of the Year 2021 - Winner
• Court of the Table - 2019
• MDRT - 2020, 2021, 2022

Team Manager

Lionel Sing

"We only get one life, one chance to make it right!"

With over a decade of accomplished experience in wealth management and people development, Lionel has consistently delivered outstanding results while nurturing a team of top producers and award winners.

A strong advocate of leading by example, Lionel has guided his team towards success by sharing his own valuable experiences and providing exceptional coaching to foster financial excellence.

Lionel's leadership style is characterized by a results-driven approach, unwavering support, and an essential foundation of trust. His unwavering belief in cultivating confidence and fostering a sense of purpose among his team members propels them towards the pursuit of success with unwavering determination.

Team Manager

Benjamin Tay

"One positive thought in the morning can change your day."

Benjamin is a seasoned professional with over a decade of industry experience, making him a valuable asset to our team at Titans Private Wealth.

Having honed his expertise in Wealth Management and Retail Financial Services during his tenure at prominent banks, Benjamin possesses a wealth of knowledge and skills. He is dedicated to providing exceptional guidance and support to our esteemed clients, assisting them in achieving their personal and family Financial Planning and Investment goals.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Benjamin is an avid sports enthusiast, constantly seeking new challenges to overcome. As a passionate hockey player, he channels his love for outdoor activities and music into his personal life. Furthermore, he possesses a keen interest in Anthropology and Metallurgy, reflecting his intellectual curiosity and diverse range of interests.

In addition to his practical experience, Benjamin holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree, an Advanced Wealth Management Programme certification, and various other Financial Industry Related Qualifications, further underscoring his commitment to continuous professional growth and development.

Achievements and Accolades
• Court of the Table - 2021, 2022
• MDRT - 2023
• MFA Titans Club (4 Stars) - 2021, 2022

Brand & Marketing Communications Lead

Dexter Bouw

"Be comfortable with being uncomfortable."

With more than 15 years of experience in the finance industry, Dexter has demonstrated remarkable expertise and an unparalleled advantage over his industry peers. His extensive background spans across multiple departments, providing him with a comprehensive understanding ranging from client-facing sales roles to strategic positions in branding, customer propositions, and digital marketing.

Dexter joined Titans Private Wealth as a Client Advisor in August 2020 and in a mere four months, he earned the MFA Titans Rising Star 2020 award - a testament to his exceptional skills and dedication. Dexter takes immense satisfaction in witnessing his clients benefit from his financial advice, devoting substantial time to truly understand each individual and customise solutions accordingly.

With a keen focus on branding and marketing, Dexter took it upon himself to establish the distinctive brand image and positioning for Titans Private Wealth. He also spearheads customer segmentation and propositions while strategizing and executing highly effective sales and marketing campaigns.

Dexter embraces challenges, believing that growth and success come from stepping outside one's comfort zone.

Achievements and Accolades
• MFA Titans Club (Rising Star) - 2020, 2022

Team Manager

Edgar Tan

"Be the best versions of ourselves or be nothing at all."

With over 8 years of extensive experience in the finance industry, Edgar possesses exceptional expertise in providing comprehensive solutions for Wealth Management, Investment, and Insurance.

He has been an integral part of Titans Private Wealth since its inception, assuming the role of a team manager and successfully guiding a team of high-performing Client Advisors. Notably, Edgar received the prestigious accolade of MFA Top Team Manager for the year 2021 and 2022.

Edgar's unwavering belief in the empowerment of individuals and the pursuit of their utmost potential defines his leadership style. He dedicates himself to coaching Client Advisors, nurturing their professional growth, and instilling a culture of excellence within the team. Moreover, Edgar's compassionate nature and genuine concern for the well-being of his team make him a compassionate and empathetic leader.

As a seasoned Client Advisor, Edgar has positively impacted the lives of over 100 clients, including working professionals, business owners, and retirees. By employing his expertise, he has effectively guided them in achieving their financial aspirations and securing their future.

Achievements and Accolades
• MFA Top Team Manager - 2021, 2022
• MFA Titans Club (4 Stars) - 2021, 2022
• MFA Titans Club (Rising Star) - 2019, 2020

Award Winning Client Advisors

Our expert client advisors are dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals and aspirations with personalised guidance and extensive expertise. We will always be here as your trusted compass on the path to financial success.

Top of the Table Achievers

Joycelyn Yan

TOT 2021, 2023

With a wealth of banking experience and expert knowledge in financial instruments and wealth management, Joycelyn stands out as one of our top advisors.

Integrity is Joycelyn's secret weapon for success, guiding her since day one of her career in wealth management. Her unwavering commitment to her clients' well-being sets her apart. Joycelyn goes above and beyond to put her clients' needs first; meticulously planning and ensuring their well-being is always taken care of.

Her dedication and sincerity have earned her clients' trust and loyalty. Many have been with Joycelyn for years, relying on her for the best advice and service that benefits both them and their families.

When she's not in the office, you might find Joycelyn on the tennis court, displaying the same competitive spirit that drives her success.

Choose Joycelyn as your advisor and experience the winning combination of expertise, integrity, and a genuine passion for helping you achieve your financial goals.

Achievements and Accolades
• Top of the Table 2020, 2023
• Court of the Table 2021, 2022
• MFA Consultant of the Year 2022 - Top Consultant
• MFA Titans Club (4 Stars) - 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

Alex Tan

TOT 2023

Achievements and Accolades
• Top of the Table 2023
• MFA Consultant of the Year (APE) - 2nd Runner-Up
• MFA Titans Club – 4 Stars Titan 2022

Zhang Yule

TOT 2023

Experience excellence with Yule, our seasoned client advisor, who embodies the philosophy of giving your best in everything you do. With 10 years in the financial industry, Yule has built a vast network of onshore and offshore clients, showcasing her expertise and commitment to exceptional service.

Formerly a Relationship Manager at UOB and Standard Chartered Bank, Yule's affable nature and strong interpersonal skills have fostered lasting connections with her clients. Her deep understanding of human experiences, fueled by her love for biographies, allows her to truly grasp the needs and aspirations of those she serves.

Yule's dedication extends beyond her profession. By embracing an active lifestyle, she finds relaxation and hones her focus, ensuring she remains at the top of her game.

Choose Yule for unparalleled financial guidance and personalized service. Let her knowledge, dedication, and passion help you achieve your goals.

Achievements and Accolades
• Top of the Table 2023
• MDRT 2021
• MFA Consultant of the Year 2022 - 1st Runner-up
• MFA Titans Club – 4 Stars Titan 2021, 2022

Sharon Lee

TOT 2022

Hails from a small town in Malaysia, Sharon came across as sincere, kind and vivacious.

She qualified for Top of the Table award in just 6 months since joining Titans Private Wealth – a remarkable performance that few in the industry has achieved. Sharon has consistently been a top performer throughout her 18 years in the wealth management industry. Her secret to success is her determination to give her best in every role that she undertakes.

Sharon has won the trust and hearts of her clients with her kindness, sincerity and cheerful disposition. Her candour with which she shared her experience of losing her mother due to cancer has touched many of her clients’ hearts.

Her experience had also led her to care deeply about the well-being of her clients. “Nobody wakes up and say I want to buy an insurance today until it’s a bit too late therefore our roles is important”. Sharon believes that one has nothing to fear and can live with no regrets if they have everything well planned out.

Being a true-blue Malaysian girl, Sharon loves to cook and believes that good food is what bring people together.

Achievements and Accolades
• Top of the Table 2022
• MFA Titans Club – 4 Stars Titan 2022

Amanda Goh

TOT 2023

With over 16 years of invaluable experience in the banking industry, Amanda has established a track record of excellence by assisting her clients in effectively managing and expanding their wealth.

By prioritizing her clients' interests above all else, Amanda has garnered unwavering trust from those she serves. Her clients have complete confidence in her ability to strategize and oversee their financial affairs based on their unique needs and circumstances.

Within a mere three months of joining Titans Private Wealth, Amanda achieved the prestigious Court of the Table award, a remarkable accomplishment even for seasoned professionals in the field.

Amanda's drive and determination extend beyond her professional life. She adeptly manages her own online bakery, delighting customers with delectable cakes and cookies. She also owns an online store catering to Singaporean mothers, providing quality children's clothing at affordable prices.

Amanda holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Theatre Studies from National University of Singapore. She is also a qualified associate financial planner accredited by the FPAS.

With Amanda's extensive background, unwavering commitment to her clients, and diverse range of interests, she epitomizes the epitome of professionalism and expertise in the financial industry.

Achievements and Accolades
• Top of the Table 2023
• Court of the Table 2022
• MFA Titans Club (4 Stars) - 2022, 2023

Court of the Table Achievers

Justin Kan

COT 2023

Having been in the financial industry for the past 12 years, Justin has helped many of his clients with their protection and wealth planning needs. Being a certified FPAS Associate Wealth Planner, Justin is also equipped with the skillset to curate personalized and in-depth financial planning for many of his clients.

Justin left his previous job at the bank to join Titans Private Wealth as he wanted to explore helping his clients better through active wealth management and estate planning. He believes that good financial planning requires building a solid long term relationship with his clients, and that can only be achieved through open communication and understanding his clients better.

Outside of his job, Justin enjoys travelling and has a keen interest in film-making.

Achievements and Accolades
• Court of the Table 2023
• MFA Titans Club – 4 Stars Titan 2022

Christina Sow

COT 2023

Achievements and Accolades
• Court of the Table 2022
• MFA Titans Club – 4 Stars Titan 2022

Daphne Ng

COT 2023

Daphne is a wealth management professional with more than 13 years of experience managing client relationships during her past stints in both local and foreign banks. Her financial career began as a Personal Financial Consultant in 2006 with Standard Chartered Bank, before moving on to ANZ Priority Banking, CitiGold and UOB Privilege Reserve serving the high-net-worth clientele.

She is highly conversant and well versed in various investment solutions such as Unit Trust, Dual Currency Investment, Structured notes, Bonds, FX, Portfolio Financing as well as Estate Planning through insurance solutions such as Life Protection, Endowment, Investment Linked Plans, Universal life & Premium Financing.

She joined Titans Private Wealth in February 2022. She believes that with her strong client relationships, knowledge of the financial industry and investment/insurance solutions would help her make the move to Manulife Financial Advisers a fruitful one. She has since qualified for the Court of the Table award 2023.

“Good client relationships make me feel like a true partner to my clients where they trust and listen to me. My clients appreciate my sincerity in helping them and their families with making suitable financial decisions. This gives me great satisfaction knowing that I have make a positive impact to their financial planning journey.”

Daphne loves spending her quiet times reading, listening to music, swimming and going for holidays with her family. Success to her is not just about making a good living. Having a fulfilling family life and being able to make a meaning contribution to society are equally important to her.

Achievements and Accolades
• Court of the Table 2023
• MFA Titans Club - 3 Star Titan 2022

June Ang

COT 2023

June is an award-winning client advisor. She had worked in international banks like Credit Suisse, Standard Chartered Bank and HSBC in both Singapore and Hong Kong. Her vast experience, network and resources has been ensuring prolific success in the wealth management industry.

June is qualified and regulated in Singapore (IBF), Hong Kong (SFC) and the UK (CISI). This allows her to optimise solutions for international clients by diversifying assets across regions and asset classes.

Outside of work, June enjoys sports such as competitive netball, tennis, cross fit, and personal training. Always being inquisitive and striving to go beyond, personal development is utmost vital to her. She is an avid reader, traveller, loves adventure and challenges. Being once awarded top 1% of Australian Mathematics competition, she enjoys solving challenging math quizzes for fun.

June believes that sustainability and longevity of relationships are core to her business and personal life. June holds an Honors degree from UOL London School of Economics, Banking and Finance.

Achievements and Accolades
• Court of the Table 2023
• MFA Titans Club - 3 Star Titan 2022

Tony Lin

COT 2021, 2022

Tony is an award-winning senior client advisor with 16 years of experience in managing clients’ banking needs and wealth and handled a plethora of products such as unit trusts, fx trading, structured deposits, equity-linked notes, bonds, endowments, investment linked policies, universal life, premium and portfolio financing.

He started his banking career at OCBC Bank as a Personal Financial Consultant in 2006 before moving on to Priority Banking in ANZ Bank. Thereafter he was a Senior Client Advisor with UOB Bank Privilege Reserve (North Asia) gaining experience in the offshore banking business.

Tony joined Titans Private Wealth in October 2019 and has qualified for the Court of the Table (COT) award 2021, 2022 and MDRT 2023 since.

Tony enjoys mentoring and sharing his experience with people new to the financial industry. His clients appreciate his investment knowledge and sincerity in helping them make sound financial decisions and plans.

Tony holds a Degree in Business Administration majoring in Marketing from RMIT University.

Achievements and Accolades
• Court of the Table 2021, 2022
• MDRT 2023
• Titans Club – 4 Stars Titan 2022

Natasha Sathyamoorthi

COT 2022

With over 18 years of sales and client services experience in the insurance and banking industries, Natasha’s core capabilities are in business and client relationship development.

With a sound knowledge of regulatory and compliance frameworks within the insurance and investments industries in Singapore, she has added much value to the wealth management experience of clients, advisors and management teams of banks, insurance companies and brokerages in Singapore.

Starting off as Relationship Manager for regional and local brokerages and for banks such as Citibank, ANZ and ICICI in Singapore, her last role at Zurich was that of a Sales and Business Development Manager for the same channels. Prior to that she has worked with Singapore Airlines, OCBC, Aon Hewitt, and HSBC and joined Titans Private Wealth in 2019 to use her knowledge and expertise in the protection and investment space.

Out of the office, Natasha is a single mum to 3 boys and loves travelling, cooking, reading, fashion and interior decorating. One of her favourite quotes is “Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside’ by Coco Chanel.

Achievements and Accolades
• Court of the Table 2022
• MDRT 2021
• Titans Club – 4 Stars Titan 2022

Million Dollar Round Table Achievers

Kelvin Koay

MDRT 2022, 2023

Kelvin has been in the wealth management industry for more than 13 years serving High-Net-Worth individuals in offshore markets. Some of the banks that he worked in include ANZ, HSBC, Standard Chartered and Julius Baer.

As a wealth management professional, Kelvin is proficient in Investment Advisory, Protection and Legacy planning.
Out of the office, Kelvin enjoys spending time with his kids and watching movies with them. He is also an avid fan of gourmet burgers and he often goes on a hunt to search for the ultimate burger.

Kelvin holds a degree in Real Estate from the National University of Singapore and he is a proud Alumni of Anglo Chinese School, having studied there from Primary to Junior College. His boys are now following his footsteps and have been successfully enrolled into Anglo Chinese Primary.

Achievements and Accolades
• MDRT 2022, 2023

Matthew Lu

MDRT 2023

Achievements and Accolades
• MDRT 2023

Angie Tan

MDRT 2022

Angie is an ex-private banker, having over 30 years of experience managing relationships with both local and overseas clients.

Her financial career began in 1979, with extensive experience with OCBC, Societe Generale, NAB, Bank of Montreal. She has in-depth knowledge of products such as foreign exchange, money market products, dual currency investment, structured investments, bonds, endowments, investment linked policies, Universal life, premium & portfolio financing and mortgage lending for both local and overseas property purchases.

She joined Titans Private Wealth in Dec 2020 and have qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) award 2022 since.
She is able to partner with customers and their families to provide highly personalized and wealth management solutions tailored to their individual needs. Her clients appreciate her patience and sincerity in helping them to make a sound financial decisions and plans.

Angie loves to play tennis, swimming, zumba and nature walks. She enjoys networking, trying new food, and going for holidays to destress.

Achievements and Accolades
• MDRT 2022